How to Choose the Right Boat Trailer

Learn How to choose the right style of boat trailer for your boating needs in South Florida

How can you tell what is the best style of the boat trailer to rent that will fit your boating needs for South Florida?

Boat trailers are not difficult to understand. These three styles of the boat trailer to rent: Bunk, Roller and Combination Bunk-Roller.

    1. Bunk Trailer: the trailer’s float-on, the float-off configuration is an ideal trailer for those who frequently load and unload in deep water. You will need to back the trailer fairly far into the water. Bunk trailers are typically the least expensive trailer option
    2. Roller Trailer: preferred if you mostly load and unload in shallow water. The drive-on, drive-off configuration makes it unnecessary to back deep into the water.
    3. Combination Bunk-Roller Trailer: combines the best of both technologies.

Wash the boat trailer with fresh water after every use to extend its life. With proper maintenance, a boat trailer can last a long time. However, there are many external elements like the sun, salt and crazy hurricanes that can affect the life of a boat trailer, especially in South Florida. In order to avoid wasting money on repair bills and storage, we suggest you rent a boat trailer.

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