2015 Lobster Season Tips

Lobster Season Tips for South Florida

Mini Season in South Florida runs from June 29-30, 2015. It’s always a great time to get your fill of lobster (and to share some of the lobster with your friendly boat rental staff, of course), but we want you to come back safe and sound. Here are some tips to keep you safe this season:

  • Make sure you have your Fishing License and a Lobster Permit. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, visit
  • Know your limits: Legal Limit is 12 lobster per person, per day in South Florida except in Monroe County and Biscayne National Park where the limit is 6 lobster per person per day. Please help our ecosystem thrive and don’t take more than you’re allowed. 
  • Legal Size limit is 3” or larger than the carapace (the upper part of the lobster from where the tail meets the head).
  • You are required to have a measuring device at all times no matter what.
  • Make sure your dive gear is up to date and that you have it serviced. Also, make sure that your SCUBA tanks have been visually inspected within the last year.
  • When scuba diving, please be mindful of your air consumption. Lobster is delicious, but not worth getting decompression sickness or worse.
  • Use a diver down flag always!
  • When boating, be mindful of diver down flags. Know that there are people in the water and be extra cautious during the lobster season.
  • Make sure to plan out your dive locations and check the weather.
  • Bring plenty of ice and a cooler to keep you catch fresh until you get back to the docks.

Main Lobster Season Miami

If you can’t make it out for Lobster Mini-Season, not to worry. The regular lobster season opens on August 6th and runs through March 31st. The same safety rules apply, so please boat and dive safely all season long. The only thing that really changes is your limit of catch. Legal Limit during the regular lobster season is 6 lobsters per person per day vs. 12 during mini-season.

If you need a boat trailer for rent in Miami or have questions about the 2015 lobster season in South Florida call us at (786) 728-9988. Also, don’t forget to stop by our sister company Northbeach Marina this season to launch your boat and fill up on supplies before head out on the water. 

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