Trailer Storage

Boat Trailer Storage

Happy Trailer Storage offers affordable boat trailer storage in Miami, Florida. We can accommodate a wide range of trailers from personal watercraft trailers up to gooseneck quad axle hydraulic trailers.

At our budget-friendly trailer storage facility, we store your boat trailer on our cantilever rack system which holds your equipment safely up in the air and out of harm’s way until you’re ready to use it. We have three local trailer facilities in the area and can have your trailer ready upon arrival with a 24-hour advanced notice.

We are the only storage facility that is dedicated to boat trailer safety and storage. Due to our rack system, extreme efficiency, and knowledge of boat trailers, we can keep our prices low and give you an absolute unmatched storage experience.

  • Safe and secure facility
  • Cantilever storage racks
  • Full-service: we check the tire pressure, lights, and make sure bearings are greased.

Happy Trailer Boat Storage Facility Miami 5