10 Tips for Storing Your Boat at a Dry-Storage Facility

10 Tips for Storing Your Boat at a Dry-Storage Facility

Keep your boat safe and secure with our top 10 tips for storing your boat at Happy Trailer Storage in Miami, Florida. Contact us for availability today.

Boating is a beloved pastime for many people in Miami, Florida. Whether it’s fishing, watersports, or just cruising around the bay, owning a boat provides endless opportunities for fun and relaxation. However, storing a boat can be challenging, especially for those who don’t have enough space at home. That’s where Happy Trailer Storage comes in. We offer dry storage for boats of all sizes, and we’re here to help boat owners keep their vessels safe and secure. Here are our top 10 tips for storing your boat at a dry-storage facility.

  1. Clean and Prepare the Boat: Before storing your boat, it is essential to clean and prepare it properly. Clean the boat’s exterior and interior, remove all personal items, and disconnect the battery. You should also drain all fluids and remove any food or perishables.
  2. Choose the Right Storage Space: Your storage unit should be large enough to accommodate your boat comfortably. Consider the boat’s size, weight, and height when selecting the space.
  3. Inspect the Storage Facility: Before renting a storage unit, inspect the facility to ensure it is secure and well-maintained. Check for signs of damage or leaks, and ensure the facility has adequate security measures, such as surveillance cameras and security gates.
  4. Cover the Boat: Cover your boat with a durable, weather-resistant cover to protect it from the elements. Make sure the cover fits snugly and covers the entire boat. This will prevent moisture, dust, and debris from accumulating on the boat in storage.
  5. Use Jack Stands: If you are storing your boat on a trailer, use jack stands to support the weight of the boat. This will prevent the boat’s weight from resting on the tires, which can cause damage to the tires and suspension over time.
  6. Inflate Tires: If your boat is stored on a trailer, inflate the tires to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. This will prevent the tires from developing flat spots, which can occur if the tires are left under-inflated for an extended period.
  7. Use Fuel Stabilizer: If you are storing your boat for an extended period, add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. This will prevent the fuel from breaking down and causing problems when you start the engine again.
  8. Check on the Boat Regularly: Even if you’re storing your boat at a facility, it’s a good idea to check it regularly. This will allow you to spot potential problems early and take corrective action before they become serious.
  9. Winterize the Boat: If you live in an area with cold winters, it’s important to winterize your boat before storing it. This involves draining all fluids, including the engine block, and adding antifreeze to prevent damage from freezing temperatures.
  10. Maintain Insurance: Even when your boat is in storage, it’s important to maintain insurance coverage. This will protect you in the event of theft, vandalism, or damage caused by other factors, such as storms or fires.

At Happy Trailer Storage, we understand that storing your boat can be stressful, but we’re here to make it easy. Our top 10 tips will help ensure your boat is safe and secure while in storage, and our staff is always here to assist you with any questions or concerns. Contact us today to learn more about our storage options and availability. We’re happy to provide a secure and affordable solution for your boating needs.